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Why Statamic 3 might be the solution to all your CMS problems

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If you are searching for a content management system (CMS) without expensive updates, legacy code difficulties and database maintenance, you should take a close look at Statamic 3. Because this all new flat file CMS has none of those problems and instead offers lightning quick load times, smart scalability, full Git integration and an excellent user interface.

Beyond designing and developing websites, the digital transformation of various processes is what we do an a daily basis. From an international booking system all the way to a highly sophisticated online registration system – we create contemporary solutions using the highly advanced, flexible and secure PHP framework Laravel. As it turns out, Statamic is also based on Laravel, which makes it the perfect CMS to use our vast knowledge to your advantage.

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A flat file CMS doesn’t need a database. Instead it fetches data directly from the server, which guarantees very fast load times. Only when a request is made, the data is pulled. In doing so Laravel overhead is avoided. Additionally it’s possible to use Redis, Memcached and other drivers to manage and even further accelerate the cache.

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We are able to adept very flexibly to all kinds of website requirements thanks to the excellent scalability. Statamic 3 expands the flat file system by using on demand indexes, which reduce the memory usage per request. Large amounts of data can be pulled without added time. The exchange of a database driver is no longer required. But if you really need a database, it can be implemented.

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Version control

Rejoice, if version control is a must for you, because Statamic 3 seamlessly integrates into Git. Here you have full control over your content – going as far as automatic transfers after changes have been made. Users still work with the normal administration interface, Statamic meanwhile automatically takes care of the synchronization with the version control.

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